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Farming a Healthier Future


Vertically integrated agricultural companies in Colorado and North Carolina who's mission is to grow, harvest, and produce hemp to extract CBD oil.

What is CBD?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is truly one of the most remarkable compounds in the natural world. Hemp is naturally high in CBD and very low (less than 0.3%) in THC making it possible to reap all the medicinal benefits without the psychoactive (high) effects.

Hemp's Many Uses


The entire plant has a purpose! The stalk can be used for animal bedding, mulch, fiberboard, insulation, concrete, paper, biofuel, and more. The seed can be utilized for bread, protein powder, body products & cosmetics, paint, ink, varnish and more.

Seeds vs Clones

Topic for Discussion


Each farmer has a preference: seeds vs clones. 

It is up for debate and there are valid reasons for using each. We suggest doing your own research to find what is right for your farm. 



  • higher yields
  • feminized seed available 
  • produces a Tap Root
  • certified seeds on the rise



  • faster growing
  • proven to be female
  • strong & reliable genetics
  • susceptible to pests & disease
  • established fibrous root system

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