Our team has deep roots in North Carolina and it's agricultural history. Because of this, we have been able to establish credibility in the industry and lend our farming knowledge to hemp cultivation. We strive to display transparency, honesty and integrity in everything we do.


We work directly with North Carolina farmers to help move their harvests and lend support along the way. We travel to each farm to pull a sample, send it off for potency testing at a third-party laboratory, and review the results to determine proper pricing. 


Our main objective is to farm a healthier future. We believe in this crop's ability to change the world (for the better!) and lend its healing properties to all. 

Our Services



Are you a NC hemp farmer? Let us be your processor! We can help you convert your tobacco land, source your seeds/clones, create fertilizer plans, and provide grow guidelines specific to your land.



Our extraction facility is located in Burgaw, North Carolina. We offer crude, distillate, winterized, and remediated oils. Toll processing and white labeling services are also available.



A total game changer in the hemp space. With the ability to remove all traces of THC, we can open up to the global hemp market. 

Grow Hemp

Apply for a North Carolina grow permit

Application can be accessed through NC Department of Ag website

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Plan ahead

Be sure to have plans for planting, fertilization, harvest, drying, etc.

Sell your biomass

Work with a processor/buyer so your harvested hemp has a home